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Unit One: Prose

In this unit, students examine a variety of prose selections from The Act of Writing as well as a variety of other sources. The class will focus on the use of various prose elements found in writing and prepare responses that examine the authors’ styles. Students also implement various stylistic techniques in their own writing.  Students will write an informal piece using the skills acquired in the unit. There is also a terms quiz early in the unit, as well as a final unit test. Students will also deliver some informal presentations about selected prose arguments.

Unit Two: Literary Lenses

The class will engage in a decoding of the conventions of literature (in lecture form) that will enable students to read a variety of texts with a new awareness of why authors include various elements in their writing and make the choices that they make.

Unit Three: 1984

In this classic piece of dystopian fiction, the main character, Winston Smith, wrestles with oppression against a government obsessed with retaining power at all costs. Evaluations for this unit will include some oral testing, an analysis test and a final formal essay.

Unit Four: Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The Shakespearean play we examine this semester is Hamlet.  It is the story of a son’s revenge for the murder of his father.  However, the son finds himself caught between action and hesitation.  The plot is filled with treachery, betrayal, lost loves, madness and the supernatural.  What else have we come to expect from The Bard?  Students will write two in class analysis tests and deliver a presentation.

Final Exam

For the final examination, students will write an essay in response to the core texts.  This exam format tests the students’ knowledge of essay format, their stylistic choices as well as their analysis skills.

“Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities”

-Terry Josephson

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Unit Five: Shared Novel Study

Students will read a second novel from the class selection. They will then write a response essay to another student’s essay from the first novel study. This novel will also be used on their final exam.