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Good vs Evil

Unit Two: Short Plays

In this unit, we will read several short plays and practice reading aloud.  We will make some comparisons to a film.  We will review the parts of an essay and practice writing a short one.

Unit Three: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (novel)

This novel has won many literary awards such as the prestigious National Book Award, a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, an ABC Best Book for Children and has garnered many positive literary reviews.  It examines the ideas of good vs evil in a fresh and unique way.  In this unit there will be some creative activities and students will write quizzes, a unit test and practice speaking in front of other people.

Unit Four: Short Stories

We will read a variety of stories that explore the idea of good vs evil.  We will review the parts of a good story and short story terms.  Students will write a News Report based on the stories they read.

Final Exam

This is a formal exam that involves reading, writing short answer questions. and writing an informal response.

“Do you understand how amazing it is to hear that from an adult? Do you know how amazing it is to hear that from anybody? It's one of the simplest sentences in the world, just four words, but they're the four hugest words in the world when they're put together.

You can do it.”

Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Unit One: Legends of Heroes and Villains

We will begin the semester by looking at several Greek heroes and determining what makes them heroic. Then we will examine some key characters in the King Arthur legend.  We will read stories and view a film.  In this unit we will write paragraphs, a news report, a quiz and practice speaking in front of others.

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